Every year for Christmas my mom would go buy a big box of socks for my dad. And every child would wrap up a couple of pairs as his Christmas gift.

Every year. Until we were old enough to decide that socks were a bit dull and we could find him something on our own. Until one year there were no more socks under the tree and Dad complained that he missed them.

All these years I’ve believed Dad was being indulgent, and Mom was just keeping her sanity. Which I’m sure was partly true.

But I’m all grown up now, with a husband and kids of my own. And my husband’s sock drawer is empty. And I can’t figure out where the socks disappear to that need cleaned and replaced in that drawer. And I am equally sure that my husband would be genuinely delighted at a drawer full of fresh, clean, matching socks for Christmas.

Further confirmation that my mother is always right.

And seriously, where do the socks go?