‘Mummy, consequences are as yucky as garbage.’

Bella and I clashed this morning. She ignored repeated warnings to stop a misbehaviour, blatantly refused to accept the consequence, and I revoked all privileges for the day. She is now in the throws of mourning not being able to play outside with her friends, and expressing her disappointment. Over and over.

While I snuck down to the deep freeze for a spoon of chocolate ice-cream (with the excuse of calming my nerves), she followed to inform me very seriously that I am no longer her best friend, and never will be her friend so long as I give her consequences. Oh dear. I informed her that I don’t need to be her best friend; I am her mother, and it is my responsibility to help her to learn good behaviour.

I can live with that. Midst the complaints that consequences are yucky, boring, and detestable,  I remind myself that forming her character is more important. The woman she will grow into begins with this lovely, caring, opinionated, strong-willed little girl. If we can only hang onto our patience and form that strong young will, train her in virtue and equip her with selflessness, perseverance, and self-control, what an amazing woman she will become.

She is worth fighting for (and with, when necessary).