My mother called on Saturday to ask if Bella would like to come for a visit the next day and spend the night.

We’ve talked about it before, but never found a suitable day. Bella has always been excited at the suggestion, but said she’d like to go for the day and sleep at home.

So I was surprised when, after she stated very calmly, “I’d love to” in response to the invitation, she decided to sleep over as well. Four and a half and so very grown up already.

Joy missed her, but enjoyed being the sole focus of our attention. It reminded me of when Bella was little and playing with her on the floor of our little Scottish house.

Come to think of it, those days took more energy than I often had available. Older siblings are a blessing in so many ways – not the least of which is that they delight (at least at this age) in rolling balls and making up games and running in circles with the little ones.

I wonder how the dynamics will change when this next one arrives. We’ll be keeping a close eye; Joy is determined that she can do everything herself, and only this evening Bella was talking about bouncing the baby along with her favourite dancing music.

I guess the baby will arrive with a fair bit of instruction. 🙂

The sleepover was a great success and I was pleased to hear my father commenting on how helpful and polite our little Miss is. Bella wants to bring Joy along next time. We shall see.