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Well, we’re done with chicken pox. Joy took the opportunity (while she was naked for a couple of days due to itchy blisters) to start using the toilet. She’s doing very well, and we’ve only had a couple of minor drips. It is not, however, helping in the clothing department. Colour is still an issue, but given the choice she’d rather just go bare.

Except for yesterday, when Bella offered her a pair of purple underwear. Joy was thrilled. She didn’t like the way they felt, though, and opted to wear them more as a skirt, with her little spotted bottom showing underneath. I almost took a picture, but it’s not the sort of thing I want to show here. 🙂

It’s good timing, sort of, for another reason: we’re expecting a baby.

We’re all very excited. The girls are thrilled. It’s still early in the pregnancy but we decided to tell them because I’ve been so ill we didn’t think it fair to go longer without giving them an explanation. We talked it over and concluded that even if things should not go as planned, we think the girls will be able to handle it.

J outright laughed at the timing though. 24/7 nausea on the back of two months of sick kids and broken sleep. He’s continuing to pull double-duty; laundry, dishes, dinner and everything in between that I’m just not managing right now. We’re in a mess at the moment, but in a few weeks things should settle down and I’ll be functioning again.

In the meantime I am very thankful for a supportive, understanding husband, my marvelous girls who are so very patient with their couch-dwelling maman, and I look forward to the day when I don’t despise strong-smelling anything and the taste of toothpaste.

And if Joy has decided at 20 months that she’s done with soiled nappies, so much the better.