Bella and I have been sewing again.

She is having lessons and reveling in the challenges of threading needles, sewing buttons, running stitches, and making a pincushion for her sewing box. I think this may be the most excited I’ve seen her yet about learning a new skill.

I, on the other hand, am sewing out of necessity. For my sanity. For Joy.

Miss Joy is coming to be known as our purple girl. She decided some months ago that purple is her favourite colour. And lately it is a battle, and I do mean battle, to get her into any item of clothing of a different hue. How many shades of violet can one little girl wear?!

So this weekend I took a trip into the depths of my mother’s sewing room. Mom’s been sewing since she was Bella’s age and has the supplies to match. She made most of the clothes I grew up in, my sisters’ wedding dresses, you name it. If it can be sewn, Mom has probably stitched it. Over the years she and my eldest sister, who put herself through university by working at a fabric store, have between them amassed two rooms full of fabric and the like. And since some of it has been there since I was a child, their new motto is: ‘if you’ll use it, it’s yours.’

So while I was being buried under a pile of purple knit, ribbing, some terrible Lion King print which Joy loves, patterns, thread, elastic, ric-rac and goodness knows what else, my girls were looking wide-eyed at the bright colours and textures and getting very excited that everything they admired was consequently added to the pile of what was to come home with us. Pink flowers, parachuting dinosaurs, fuzzy rainbows…

Personally, I think it’s all part of a ploy to move said piles of fabric from their sewing rooms to mine. If I had one. Yet.

In any case, my sister has loaned me her serger, explained it’s differential feed (I’d only heard of differential anything in relation to cars before), and got me started by helping me adjust a pattern and cut it out of the terrible Lion King print. Joy is thrilled.

Tomorrow I plan to do some tops as well, and as soon as I’ve adjusted the fit so I’m happy with it, she’s getting half a dozen purple tops and bottoms and we’re going to patch a purple heart or flower onto anything and everything else in her closet.

So there, Miss Purple Joy!