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Just checking in.

I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately. Largely due to the fact that when we finally finished our fourth round of colds & flu, the girls contracted chicken pox. Now that Bella’s fever is going down (we’re watching for her spots to show themselves now, and hoping they’re not too itchy), Joy’s is on the way up. A few more interrupted nights…

In a way sick kids are lovely. I don’t enjoy that they’re ill; it’s the cuddly, quiet days of piling us all onto the couch under a blanket, letting them eat whatever they show interest in, kissing hot foreheads in the middle of the night and hearing Bella tell me she loves me and hopes I sleep well…

And it’s so much easier to have extra patience when they’re ill. I wish I was as gentle ordinarily as I am when I’m nursing a sick child.

Despite the prolonged span of sleepless nights, perhaps I should be treating this as the great opportunity it is.