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I laid down on the couch for a few minutes this afternoon, leaving Joy in the bathroom brushing her teeth (one of her favourite activities). I knew I should get up and check when all was quiet, but my headache was pulling towards staying put. A few minutes later I walked into the bathroom to turn off the light and found purple crayon all over the counter.

We had it pretty easy with Bella, she used a pencil on a wall once and came to show me nearly in tears.

Joy tried to wash it off with the cloth I handed her, and said, ‘Oh no!’ several times when it wouldn’t come off. She was then remanded to her bed while I scrubbed – thank goodness for baby wipes, they clean most everything.

I hope that will be an end of displaced artwork.

It made me think though – when Bella was this age she was more closely supervised. Joy enjoys her independence, but I should not be surprised when she acts like an 18 month old when I’m not there to say no. We’ll see how well today’s lesson sticks.