We visited my grandparents today. Long overdue. I spent every summer with them on the farm as a kid, and today I’m sure they looked at my blonde, bouncy Bella and remembered the little girl who used to come and stay with them at every opportunity.

They’re well into their eighties now.

Somehow their home is always a bit of a time warp. The same flowers, same amazing home-made bread, a jigsaw puzzle on the dining table, good food, a visit and over all too soon. I hope my girls have time to get to know them well.

When we first talked about moving back I thought a lot about my grandparents. I didn’t want to come too late to have time with them. I really want them to know my husband and our children. And now that we’ve been here ten months we have seen them four times and been to see them in their home exactly once.

But there is time. We’re settling more, branching out a bit, and now that our (possibly) craziest summer ever is winding to a close, I’m ready to start visiting.

I’m realizing that I can’t keep waiting for a free weekend, because they don’t exist. Today we skipped three other places we wanted to be because family is important. So I’ll have to go during the week without J, which isn’t ideal, but makes it possible to get there. Often. Like once a month at least.

I want to look through all the old photographs now that I’m old enough to want to remember who everyone is. Grandma needs to teach me her bread recipe. There are plants to tend, puzzles to solve, and many, many photographs to take.

It’s time to plug back in to this family I don’t know very well anymore, meet them all over again, and reconnect.