We recently took some time away. We spent a long weekend in the foothills with six or seven other young families. What a blessing!

I loved watching my girls relax. Bella became re-joined at the hip with another girl we’ve seen a lot of this summer. They disappeared together so often that both sets of parents stopped wondering where they were – until we found that all four of us were having lunch together without them.

Joy wanted so much to be where the older girls were, but wasn’t ready to venture beyond a three meter radius of me or J until the second day. When she did gather courage and leave the room it was with a triumphant smile that she peeked back through a doorway when I went to find her.

I don’t think I realized how amazing it is for young families, and specifically parents of young children, to spend time together. One of the comments I heard often was that not having to cook or clean up was a huge relief. We all felt like we were on vacation. Stepping outside of the cycle of preparing, serving, feeding, hosing off, clearing, and usually finding that it’s already time to start again, is a great help in coming up for air.

I think we’re going to make a regular habit of getting away. A little time and relaxation does wonders for keeping things in perspective.