A week ago my sister had an accident while cutting her lawn. She wasn’t seriously hurt, but it was a good reminder to take precautions (like wearing shoes) when we’re working around the house.

Yesterday morning the girls and I went outside to play, and I decided our own grass had been neglected long enough. Why is mowing the lawn one of those things that always gets pushed to the back burner? Up until now I haven’t attempted to bring out the lawn mower with Joy around unless J is home. She did really well. We had one escape attempt when she came to see what I was doing out behind the fence and saw the gate open and another when she tore off into the front yard to find rocks to play with. But she stayed away from the noisy machine.

As I was moving around the yard I was thinking about my sister. Suddenly I looked down at my feet and realized I was wearing sandals. I hadn’t intended to do anything beyond play with the girls on the swings when we came out. And here I was. I thought back to how I’d criticized her for being so silly as to cut grass with bare feet (while continuing to do basically the same), and about how important it is not to put ourselves at risk.

The next time I find Bella doing something silly and receive a vague response when I ask her why (I should really stop doing that) I’ll have more sympathy.

Think then act. Think then act…