We went to IKEA yesterday. And survived.

The nearest one is about an hour away, so we thought we’d be clever and tie new shoes for Bella into the same trip. Needless to say it was an all day undertaking.

The girls did really well. When we’d paid and loaded the van, and reloaded the van so that it would close and no one would be crushed by the bookcase, Joy needed changed.

When we’d finished in the restroom we found Bella and J at the wrapping table. He’d made her a pair of binoculars out of paper, tape and string. She drew a lot of smiles walking out of the store with them hanging round her neck.

At the top of the list of desired qualifications for parents creativity should be written in big bold letters. It’s no wonder my girls are so in love with their daddy; every day he goes out of his way to make them smile.

Incidentally, I feel for the poor young cashier in the IKEA cafeteria, who must be convinced that children are terribly hard work. After two or three hours of walking in circles and looking at furniture anyone might be tired and hungry enough to burst into tears when they couldn’t have the right coloured plastic cup.