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As we sat down to dinner this evening Bella’s eyes grew round at the sight of the cheese grater. It doesn’t really matter what the meal is under it, if she gets to grate cheese on top she’s a happy girl. She waited while everyone sat down to say  grace and at the end added, ‘and bless the cheese.’ I so love my kids!

Simple pleasures are marvelous!

I’m especially thankful this week because I’ve been ill for a few days and other than the house dimming in a landscape of toys, dishes and laundry, our family is doing well. J put dinner into the slow cooker again this morning (bless him!) and Bella and Joy play so well together that I’ve had a rest.

Bella is enjoying a little more freedom while I watch from the couch. Yesterday she went into the pantry and helped herself to a load of herbs. She put them on the table with a mixing bowl, plate and a banana and informed me that she was going to make a cake. She was off to fetch the bathroom stool ‘to reach the sugar’ she told me when I decided that perhaps I should drag myself up and help her. I was going to let her mix up what she liked, and then thought about her reaction to tasting a cake made with banana and onion powder, and thought better of it. At least this time. So I pulled out a package of pudding mix and poured goat’s milk into a measuring cup.

Bella is allergic to cow’s milk, so pudding is a treat. She whisked away, sliced a banana and arranged the pieces in a dish, poured in the ‘batter’, sprinkled cinnamon on top and was very proud of making a cake all by herself.

Joy had fun too. She managed to get hold of a jar and open it, and poured it all over herself. She said uh oh, tugged on my leg and looked up for help. I looked down, relieved that it was the basil and not the cajun spice she’d nearly put into her eyes and went to get the broom. Time to go through Grandma’s spices and reorganize the pantry.