Every once in a while, usually after a poor night’s sleep, I have one of those days where I fight hard all day long to hold on to my temper. If the girls have slept poorly too then it’s that much more of a challenge. On those days I often remember some wise words a good friend passed on.

We’re building cathedrals.

I think the original story might be this one. Unseen, we work tirelessly honing away one stone at a time. Building something we’ll never see completed this side of heaven. Still, something beautiful and amazing and worth every effort, great or small.

This morning I came across a post about counting our small successes. Lisa Hendley, at catholicmom.com writes:

 Parenting is about being present, being still for our children, being fully at the table, fully in the conversation, fully part of their lives.  Small Success Thursday helps us remember to be still and be present, and to celebrate those moments when we did just that!

I hadn’t thought about actually scheduling in a day for this – it makes so much sense. So here are my small successes for this week.

  1. I supported my husband through a roller-coaster at work.
  2. I walked right past a stack of to-be-unpacked boxes and came out with my guitar. The girls lit up when it appeared and we sang and danced.
  3. We’ve been outside every day this week. Bug hunting, weeding, and trips to the park.
  4. I watched my three year old make cards and draw pictures to celebrate her little sister’s first birthday, unprompted and unaided. I love the way they love each other.

It’s been a good week. I can’t believe Joy is already a year old. I think the biggest accomplishment this week is simply having survived the past year with all its changes and turmoils and find myself part of a closer, stronger little family.

And today I will smile and be mindful of the great task I’m given: today I get to build cathedrals.