I think our family have just had our first weekend on our own for, well, a really long time.

We paid our visits on Friday so that Saturday could be a day off. Just us. And we enjoyed it! PJs until noon (myself and my hubby that is, the girls insisted on being up with the sun and dressed as usual), pancakes, a walk, a book, and lots of giggles. I feel like we not only had some time to regain some strength, but we gave our girls a weekend to be with us. Properly together and not in and out of car seats being dragged along somewhere.

Bella was overjoyed to spend an hour with her father turning a big box into a playhouse. It’s really big. They were both inside already when Joy joined them to help her big sister decorate the walls.

This afternoon we spent time in the garden. I decided it was finally time to tackle the plot at the back of the yard which I’d been leaving to see what would come up. Verdict: quack-grass, interspersed with the occasional flower. Bella donned her gardening gloves and moved piles of weeds from here to there, beaming all the while at how good a helper she is.

My kids need me. I keep coming back to that. With all the tasks and lists and laundry and plans, what they really need is us. A few times this week I’ve looked up from whatever job I was trying to finish, catch myself from responding ‘after I’m finished this’ to the umpteenth request of the morning, and watch those little eyes light up when I answered instead something like, ‘why don’t we find a book to read together.’

I’m their mother and all they really want is to be nearby and part of our life together. As Joy reinforced this afternoon when she climbed into my lap with a book and proceeded to completely ignore me while turning it’s pages. Though at that point she didn’t want my attention, just to be close, until I picked up my book to read too. 🙂

Happy Sunday!