We’ve met the neighbours. They all seem very nice, and the young boys next door are particularly friendly. So friendly in fact that as we pulled into the drive last night, admittedly after a rather long day, my husband said something about deliniating the property line with paint balls. I replied that the boys could probably do with some positive reinforcement. He responded, ‘I could use green paint balls. Green is good for positive reinforcement.’

Seriously, another move, another round of settling in. And in the midst of it, family and outside commitments.

A friend came to visit us yesterday. She’s expecting a baby in about two weeks’ time and we took some maternity photos for her. It was a lot of fun. It also entailed a lot of preparation – I’ve never done maternity photos before, and our home isn’t quite set up with everything yet.

So Saturday was going to be all about laundry and organization. Then my mother called to ask whether I could help clear out my grandmother’s house for a couple of hours, and a list of urgent errands sprung up and the day was over. Arghh. But we’re a good team, and my husband and I game-planned the shoot and went to bed.

Sunday morning, we tidied up, turned our living room into a studio, and took the girls to church. Our guests arrived a couple of hours later and rather than take the girls for a walk as we’d planned, my husband avoided the rain and took them downstairs to play. An hour or so later it was time to feed Joy and when I came back again a migraine was growing behind my eyes and I couldn’t see straight. So I directed and he shot. Go team.

We had some dinner, visited, and got ready to head to an abandoned farm nearby. It started to rain, again. I wonder if yesterday’s was the first family photoshoot where the family was taking the pictures. At dinner Bella stopped the conversation by holding up her imaginary camera and coming out with expressions like, ‘bring your heads together,’ ‘mirror what I’m doing,’ and ‘chin down.’ We were all cracking up.

The sky cleared and, in the end, so did my head. My husband took some lovely portraits and I finished up at the end.  It was very much a team effort. I am so thankful for my family and our collective gifts. More so, I am blessed to be married to a man who was happy to make dinner, tend to our children, and then come in at a moment’s notice and take over a project in mid-swing.

As for paint ball . . . the jury’s still out.