We’ve moved!!

Two weeks ago I was sitting at my parents`house, waiting for a phone call to say I could pick up our new keys. And now, here we are.

This has been the easiest move on record. Ever.

A couple of weeks before possession, we started stressing a bit about all the things we had to find and buy – like furniture, bedding, small appliances, cleaning supplies, basically everything. It was a little overwhelming. We had no place to store anything big and were looking at the likelihood of moving into our new, empty house and then finding things to make it home for our girls. In the midst of this I remembered leaving our home, all those months ago and giving everything away, knowing we would need to replace things on this side. We decided then to trust that God would look after our family. As a good friend is constantly saying, you can`t outdo God in generosity.

Then my aunt came to visit. She just stopped in for tea on her way through town to say hello and meet our girls. We had a nice visit, wished each other well and she went on her way. The next morning she called to say she was planning to redecorate her living room, and could she give us her couch set? The offer kept increasing. At their lakeside cabin there were also chairs, crockery, armoires… things that weren’t being used and which they would happily give us to help us establish our home.

To make a long story short, my extended family sent a whole load down with my uncle in his skidoo trailer, to which we added our boxes and Joy’s crib at my parents’ place, and then brought the whole load up and in and voila, instant home.

As soon as the couch came in the girls visibly settled. Joy started climbing along it and babbling and Bella ran through the house calling, ‘we have a house for us!!’

Oh, and the couple who sold us the house, they were emigrating too, and called and asked if they could leave a few things. By a few I had no idea they meant that we would walk into a place that was already half-equipped. After the family load came I think my to-buy list is down to about 12 items. Mop bucket, kitchen scales, laundry baskets…

The boxes have their own room downstairs and it feels like we’ve been here for ages. The sort of amusing part is that we were excited to have no clutter to go through after our big trans-Atlantic jump. Now we need to go through a whole new load of things to decipher what we do and don’t need. But emigrating left us pretty well experts at getting rid of excess stuff.

And our girls are settling in well and right at home.