I love Easter. I love celebrating it with my little family and delving into it’s mysteries with my girls.

This year we’ve been staying with my parents (until we move into our house this week – yay!) and that’s brought it’s own mix of accents and traditions. Egg hunts and Easter gardens and a whole lot of fun.

Holy Thursday was made more poignant this year by my three year old. When they moved Jesus out of the church to the altar of repose she became very upset and started crying that Jesus was gone and He was all alone. As I explained that we were remembering His going to the garden to pray I was hit by how lonely a night that was for Him. Those little tear-filled eyes, only consoled by permission to go and sit with Him, brought back so many memories. I could see her once again stroking His wounds and wrapping her clothes around a crucifix to keep her Jesus warm. My little girl teaches me so much.

We came home and finished our Last Supper craft. I’ve only relatively recently come across catholicicing and what a treasure trove! We put the apostles’ names on the back too – maybe I’ll finally learn them well enough to remember them all.

Good Friday was quiet and reflective and full of more colouring. I was still gluing the figures together for our Easter garden Saturday night and Bella loved acting out the whole story the next morning over breakfast. It was a nice reminder on the table of what we are celebrating. In the midst of the chatter, sweets, and cups of tea of visitors. There sat my little girls. One playing the piano and singing love songs to Jesus, the other chewing on a paper figure of Mary of Magdalene.

Happy Easter!