It’s been a busy week for our family.

We bought a van, a house, and got our computer back from repair all on the same day. The two days following I spent a lot of time on the phone and gathering documents for arranging insurance and a mortgage. Now that the paperwork is done we’re holding our breath again, waiting to hear if we are approved to buy our house.

Between my slightly frazzled nerves and the mid-night telephone conversations overseas [I say conversation, but it’s more like waiting, waiting, press a button, wait, speak to a person], the girls have had less attention than I would like. No amount of ‘this is for them too’ will ease the knowledge that once again the television has been employed as a distraction too often. So now that the paper storm has passed we’re getting back to normal.

Yesterday we built a barn for Bella’s farm animals. Today we shoveled the melting walks and built a snowman, we skyped family overseas, and I only checked my email about a dozen times to see if the mortgage has been approved.

And we’re not the only ones moving on. Yesterday afternoon my grandmother took a trip to a retirement home, chose a room and put down a deposit to move in as soon as may be. I am so pleased that she made the decision herself without pressure, and that she’s excited about this next step. It’s bittersweet – she’s been in her home for over sixty years. I spoke with her this morning. She said she’ll cry a little, and remember, and smile. I pray this next chapter is a happy one for her. It’s odd to think of her anywhere but at Grandma’s house. I think I’ll cry a little too as we help her to sort through so many memories and pack up her things.

It helps to remember that the whole of this life is a journey, and our destination, our real home, is beyond it.