As soon as my husband started working we began the search for a vehicle and a house. This past weekend we found a car we’re happy with and perhaps a house as well.

The first time we went out looking at houses we found a beautiful old place that needs a lot of work. It would suit our budget even with the renovations. We came home with stars in our eyes and went back again for a closer inspection. The big questions were: how much, how long, and could we really subject our family to any more upheaval after four months without our own home. Added to that we realized that taking on a long term project like that would take most of our spare time and energy. Right now with two young children we need to build a home and ground ourselves in a new community.

Disheartened we went out again this weekend. After several places that were either unsuitable or just didn’t feel like home, we found a place that is already under renovation, smaller than we would have liked, but well laid out, nicely [almost] finished and felt like it could be home. It’s in an older area and not exactly a show piece, but we’re excited to make a home there.

When we left our old home we reduced our belongings to the minimum. I’m looking forward to setting up a new home simply to help us to live simply, without clutter or  too many excess things which make life so noisy. After all the chaos and uncertainty of this past year we are all ready for a few months of quiet life at home together.