It’s that time again when I’m trying to plan our family Lenten activities. Every year Bella and I have an activity for each day of Lent and Advent and I get excited as she grows more capable each year. I must admit I’m one of those mothers who can hardly wait for the kids to be old or skilled enough to try the next project.

This morning between house hunting I’ve been searching the blogosphere for craft ideas and come upon some great sites:





I admit, I’m putting these here so that I can easily find them again.

I love the idea of a lenten chain that we can add to every day, a crown we can pull thorns out of with our little acts of love… We’ll add to the poster of the path we usually draw on the way to Easter, very much like Lacy’s at http://catholicicing.com/2011/02/printable-lenten-calendar-for-kids/. We add something to each day and then after Bella goes to bed on Holy Saturday I transform the cross we place at the end of ours and make it all gold and purple and beautiful. At least, as far as my arts & crafts expertise will allow.

I love being creative with my kids. On the days when I brave the mess and glitter on the floor we all smile more, Bella plays happily with our new creations in more imaginative ways than I’ve seen before, and she almost tackles Daddy to show and tell him when he gets home. Now to get organized.