This morning I read some words of wisdom from a veteran full time mother. Words I needed to hear today.

Today is the fourth day that my husband has gone off to his new job, the fourth also that we’ve dragged ourselves out of bed too early with our preschooler after a very broken night with a teething baby. Throw in sinus colds and a little flu and it’s been a recipe for tired and irritable all over.

So as I drank my strong sweet tea this morning (very unusual) in an effort to kick-start my protesting body, I signed into facebook to look for something to make me laugh. A couple I know are always sending each other links to build each other up. I used to think it was a bit odd to do this so publicly, but many times now I’ve benefited from reading their links and comments. This morning he sent her this link.

It wasn’t quite the laugh I’d been looking for, but as I held and rocked my crying baby I shed a few tears myself and remembered that this inner battle is worth fighting for my children’s sakes. Loving them to life every day is important and good and beautiful. And this weary stage will not last forever. It was less of a struggle to maintain a gentle tone as I asked Bella to try to play quietly while I got Joy down for a nap. I hope I can hold onto that all day today and smile.