My husband had a job offer last week. He started today.

Since we arrived here eight weeks ago it’s felt a little like holding our breath. There’s been paperwork to sort out and settling in. And job hunting. Now that the job is secured it’s finding a car, a house… now we can make a start.

The bigger change is that for nearly a year and a half my husband has been working from home. Bella didn’t want to say goodbye to Daddy this morning and Joy was a bit confused when he returned this evening after having been gone all day. I had great plans of fun activities and housework – thwarted by one child being sick, the other teething and a sore ankle. So we had a nothing day instead. At the end of it I cleared the lunch dishes off of the table and set it while my mom made dinner. Thanks mom.

It’s going to be quite a change to be at home on my own with the girls again. I’m looking forward to it, and realising again how much caring for two young children has been made easier by doing it as part of a team. Especially days like today when they both needed me so much and my hubby wasn’t here to call on to help.

Tomorrow is a new day. I might even get my laundry done.