I love little girls.

Before the move we were close to my husband’s family and our eight nephews. My girls love their cousins. Bella and her boys had so many adventures together. Now that they’re far away she’s getting to know her other cousins, who include four girls.

They were all together for the first time at Christmas. My sister had the whole gang to her place for three days and we visited and laughed and played games. It was a bit overwhelming, and so much fun. The last time I celebrated Christmas with my family was shortly after Bella was born, the time before that was ten years ago.

The cousins ages range from eight to eight months. They play together really well. Bella’s closest friend among them is seven months her senior. She’s all about pink and princesses and fairies at the moment. They enjoy sharing stickers and building wings. Bella is usually a butterfly.

I forget sometimes that she’s only three and a half. She’s very clear-spoken and used to being around adults as so many eldest children are. Watching her play with the other girls highlighted both her tender age and her maturity. I am very proud of my biggest little girl. She is kind and thoughtful and doesn’t often loose her temper. We expect a lot of her, and she rises to the challenge.

It’s a bit strange to see her trying on ballet dresses and flying through rooms. I do wonder some days about the effect of so much fairy dust, but once we get home again she floats back down to earth quite quickly. Joy looks on in wonder, waiting for her turn. My big little girl. As for my biggest little girl, I have to remember that she’s still only little after all.