We`re staying with my parents and younger sister until we get into our own house. Moving a young family into a busy adult household has been something of a challenge. Our lives are ordered so very differently.

We get up before six and our girls go to bed around seven. My sister wakes at nine and is up into the wee hours every night. I look forward to being in our own home soon so that I can be less concerned about noise in the morning, about where my girls leave toys and artwork, and so that they can sleep peacefully without the background noise of evening adult conversation and television programs.

It’s the rhythm that’s so vastly different. Life with little ones centres around naps and mealtimes. If lunch is late we have a delayed, slightly cranky early afternoon, interrupt Joy’s nap and don’t finish our craft project before snack time. If dinner is late Bella is too tired to eat and has trouble going to bed. Which means she’s tired the next day and the cycle continues.

Making this work within a house where the active part of the day begins where the girls’ winds down is a bit of a challenge. I love weekends when the girls have time with aunties and grandparents. I love the weekdays when everyone goes back to work and school and we’re left to our own devices. As the weeks pass we’ll get back into a rhythm of our own.