Our family are relocating soon. Emigrating, in fact. The whole process has been in motion a long time already. A year to throw the idea around and make a decision. A move closer to family while we put together the paperwork. A long wait.

We had planned to be there already. As often happens our plans have been overshadowed by red tape and taken out of our control. Every day we watch and wait and pray and hope that the letter will arrive to say we’re free to set a date for the next chapter to begin. Perhaps we’re here to finish this chapter first.

I’ve been transient for 12 years. When I was younger it seemed a natural phenomena that my life plan was visible at most a year in advance. A term here, a summer there, a stop at home and away again. When I left home for the UK ten years ago I had no idea of staying. I subsequently fell in love with the country, my husband… my family simply began here without me taking much notice. And now after all of these years God has called us back to my old home. I don’t think we will recognize each other when I finally land back there.

In the midst of these musings I sit with piles of boxes half packed, their sides covered with drawings and stickers. Bella has claimed one as her own, filled it with toys and decorated one side with pencil crayon and packing tape. She’s happy to move as long as her toys can come too.

We spent a month anxiously watching for the postman before finally forcing ourselves to put our future in God’s hands. His timing is perfect. And though we’re far from understanding it, He does have a plan. We must trust Him or stress ourselves to death.

A few days ago I was thanking God for this great opportunity for growth. It took me a while to get there. Difficult as it is to live day to day with this uncertainty, it is helping me to draw close and draw strength from Him.  At the same time I hope that this is enough now. I know that with God’s help I can handle anything life throws at me; I sincerely hope He doesn’t think I can take on much more. 🙂

Each day brings us closer to an answer. Our things will be shipped, our keys turned in, we will stay with friends and family on a farewell tour for a couple of weeks until we can make our way to our new home. All will be well. And if we can keep it together, our family will be stronger for the experience.